What I Did to Get Out of My Lazy Funk

Jessica Malingowski is a food freedom coach in Durham, North Carolina.  She is excited to be sharing her story as a guest blogger for this community!

When I look back on my week, I want to feel a sense of accomplishment but lately, I feel as though I’ve been doing the bare minimum.  I don’t know if it is because the holidays are coming up and I’m starting to feel overwhelmed with all of the happenings this season brings or if I am just being lazy.  Either way, I started to create a weekly schedule that has helped me to stay motivated and on track for the rest of 2018.

Listed below are the steps I took so that I can make the most of the rest of this year!

1) I created a list of what I want to accomplish.

I feel like my laziness is often derived from the fact that I do not have timelines for my goals.  It is easy to make excuses to not work on goals that do not have a due date!  The first thing I did was write down my business goals as well as my personal goals.  After that, I was able to prioritize my goals based on their due date and (about) how much time they would take to accomplish.

You may want to set aside time to meditate and journal so you can get really clear on what you want to accomplish.  Be sure to assign each goal a due date and estimate how much time it will take to get there.  When it comes to personal goals, I recommend setting a weekly standard.  For example, a great goal could be reading every morning before starting your day or working out at least 3 times a week.  It is important to have career/business goals that will move you forward as well as personal goals to ensure you are taking care of yourself.

2) I placed each accomplishment into a specific category: self-care, physical activity, and work.

Once my goal list was set, I placed each of goal into a specific category.  I then gave each category a specific color.  This step helps me visualize my days and allows me to see where I am spending most of my time and where I need to create more space.  When you get to step 4, this step will make more sense.

3) I researched and added events to my calendar.

One of my personal goals is to workout at least 3-4 times a week.  I’ve been working out in my apartment and that works for the most part, but I’ve found myself wanting to get back into spinning again.  Since I’m clearly craving something different when it comes to my workouts, I researched spin studios to determine which one fits into my schedule and budget.  Now that I know the class schedule, I can decide what day of the week would work best for me and put it on my calendar.

Another personal goal I have is to connect with more people and expand my circle of friends.  Confession: I moved almost a year ago and while my introvert self has made a few friends, I know I need to get out of my comfort zone and expand my circle!  In order to accomplish this, I found a few groups on the Meetup app who have similar interests and have made it a goal to go to an event at least once every two weeks.  I know that if I put something on my calendar, I will hold to it.

If you feel like you are slacking in a particular area or shying away from something, think about why and then hold yourself accountable to take a small step.  Put this thing on your list of accomplishments and make sure you put it somewhere on your weekly/monthly schedule.

4) I created a spreadsheet with time blocks from the time I wake up to the time I want to go to bed.

This refers back to step 2.  Once I have all of my goals listed and categorized, I put them in my schedule and color-code based on the categories I mentioned above.  This step allows me to see what my days look like and also shows me the areas in which I want to increase my time spent.

This weekly schedule serves as a guide for me.  Every Saturday, I like to plan out the week ahead and this schedule helps me input specific tasks into the time slots in which I’ve already allotted.

I find it very difficult to plan my weeks without some type of guide like this.  If you want my template, feel free to email me at contact@jessmal.com!

5) I made sure to have enough time left to relax and flow.

While having goals and making plans is great, I recognize that it is important to live in the present moment.  That is why I leave time throughout the week to relax and go with the flow.  During a normal (not so busy) week, I give myself at least one weeknight of total go-with-the flow-ness!  And of course, the majority of my time on the weekends is spent relaxing and enjoying my day.

It is difficult to come out of a funk where you feel super unmotivated, but I believe that having goals and setting a timeline for yourself is one way to gain momentum in your career/business life and personal life.

I hope these steps will help you rediscover your motivation to do things that light you up and end your 2018 on a positive note!

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