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Unapologetically You: Live by Faith Over Fear is a group coaching program designed to help you grow your business, increase your revenue, work with more ideal clients, step into more confidence, deepen relationships, and live with more JOY from a place of faith over fear.

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*Enrollment closes at this time on Saturday, May 14th at 9pm EST*

Our Client Success Stories:

With this program, I received the direction I so desperately needed. I've gained more confidence, QUADRUPLED MY MONTHLY REVENUE, and my personal relationships have also reaped the benefits of my growth. My experience with Alex has been everything promised and more!
Social Media Manager, California
In less than 3 months, I surpassed my revenue goal by more than TRIPLING MY MONTHLY REVENUE from signing more ideal clients. I’ve become so much more CONFIDENT and PRODUCTIVE in growing my business while taking care of my children. Coaching with Alex is a STELLAR experience!
Pace success story Amanda headshot
Health & Life Coach, Minnesota
I’ve created results that I never thought were possible! I LEFT MY CORPORATE JOB, tripled my income in my business, hired a virtual assistant to support me, and am continuing to grow!
Online Business Manager, Kansas

*Enrollment closes at this time on Saturday, May 14th at 9pm EST*

The outcomes you can create

Experience the joy, freedom, & fulfillment that comes with stepping into a new way of being as an UNAPOLOGETIC ENTREPRENEUR WHO LIVES BY FAITH.

Gain clarity on how to shift your business into one that you LOVE while being in GREATEST SERVICE to others.

Make leaps forward in growing your business and enrolling MORE IDEAL CLIENTS.

Learn how to powerfully execute sales conversations to INCREASE YOUR CONVERSIONS.

Deliver what you do with GREATER POWER to give even more value to your clients.

Develop GREATER CONFIDENCE in yourself, your vision and in OWNING YOUR VALUE.

MARKET YOUR CONTENT more powerfully as a love letter to your ideal client.

DEEPEN YOUR FAITH as you dive deeper into personal growth and following God's guidance for your vision.

Be ENCOURAGED BY A COMMUNITY of like-minded, inspiring women entrepreneurs.

Become a 6-FIGURE & BEYOND business owner and step into NEXT-LEVEL LIVING.

This program is only for you if you are ready to GIVE IT YOUR ALL… if you are committed to raising self-awareness, embracing new ideas, and if you value making a difference in the lives of others with your business. If you are going for it, we are fully committed to your success.

This program is not for you if you are not ready to take 100% responsibility for your results. They are a direct outcome of the focus, attention, and passion you put into the process. 

This Is About Business Growth AND Life Change

I've developed clarity about what I really desire and learned how to OVERCOME MY FEARS of what others think of me so that I can FOLLOW MY HEART. This program has been LIFE-CHANGING for me.
Camille D.
Graphic Designer, Florida
This program was life-changing. The floodgates of God's abundance have truly been opened for me. I would have paid double for this program if I had known the results I would get!
Aimee J.
Beauty & Personal Care Consultant, Nebraska
On top of replacing my monthly 6-figure corporate salary in my business, Alex's guidance has helped me find my true voice. I'm continuously stepping into more authenticity and empowerment. Working with Alex is life-changing!
Mollie L.
Career Coach, Wisconsin

*Enrollment closes at this time on Saturday, May 14th at 9pm EST*

You'll love this program if

You are a woman of faith entrepreneur with a vision to make a big impact.

You desire to live in alignment with who God made you to be.

You desire to grow your business to 6+ figures or beyond, but you lack clarity on how to actually do this with JOY.

You desire to let go of any self-doubt and to step into greater self-confidence.

You want to improve in your sales and marketing in order to work with more ideal clients that you love.

You wear many hats - your business is very important to you AND you also care deeply about connecting with your loved ones.

You want more support, encouragement, and an empowering community of like-minded women around you.

You take 100% responsibility for your results. *This is very important, this program is not for you if you are not ready to take full responsibility for your life.

Pace Success Coach Alex Pursglove

Get to Know Your Coach

Business & Success Coach, Alex Pursglove

Pace Success Coach Alex Pursglove
An expert Business & Success Coach, Alex Pursglove guides women in making quantum leaps forward in success, revenue and impact by becoming unapologetic in who they are and living by faith over fear.

As a multi-6 figure entrepreneur and woman of faith with a husband and daughter, Alexandra understands the challenges and fears that many faith-based business owners face in pursuing ambitious goals and balancing family life.

From her own experience of accelerating her business from under $50K per year to multi-6 figures within a year while deepening connection with her family, she also knows the freedom and fulfillment hat is possible for you when you go all in for what you want, unapologetically.

Through leading virtual classes, public speaking, and coaching, Alex has inspired hundreds of women entrepreneurs around the country to not only take action to accelerate results in their businesses, but also to grow in self-confidence while deepening their faith. Her personal clients range from solopreneurs who are growing towards sustainability to leaders of multi-7 figure businesses.

Deeply committed to practicing what she preaches, Alexandra has invested over 6-figures and thousands of hours in her own personal development to up-level every area of her life, marriage, and business. She has studied with world-class mentors, including David Neagle, one of the architects of the personal development industry, and Jack Canfield, co-author of The Chicken Soup for the Soul series and The Success Principles.

Alex has been lovingly married to her husband, Adam Zaffuto, since July of 2017 and they welcomed a precious baby girl, Stella Love, to the family last year. Adam and Alex share passions for valuing family first, practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu, traveling, and supporting veterans in transition.

What's Included in the Program


Two (2) Monthly Live Group Coaching Calls, led by Alex Pursglove and/or one of her powerful support coaches.

 One (1) Live Bonus Training, and/or Networking Session per month

In-Depth Trainings including Audio Modules and Resources created by Alex Pursglove, designed to walk you through specifics steps and strategies to grow your business while deepening your faith.

Access to a Private Facebook Group for ongoing Q&A with Alex & her support coaches, as well as encouragement and networking with like-minded women in the program.

Two (2) 45-minute Individual Coaching Calls with our Dedicated Support Coach during the course of the program.

*The total investment in the program is $1250/month for 6 months or a one-time payment at a reduced rate of $7,000.


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Unapologetically You: Live by Faith Over Fear is a group coaching program designed to help you grow your business, increase your revenue, work with more ideal clients, step into more confidence, deepen relationships, and live with more JOY from a place of faith over fear.