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Unapologetic Entrepreneurs Masterclass
— Living by faith over fear —

This FREE masterclass is for the growth-minded woman of faith entrepreneur who is ready to achieve her BIG dreams. Designed by multi-six figure business coach, Alex Pursglove, Living by Faith Over Fear will guide you in uncovering your path to more REVENUE, IMPACT, and CONFIDENCE.

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From Alex Pursglove

When you think about creating more success in your business as a woman of faith, do you find yourself worrying about…

  • how to promote yourself confidently while maintaining humility?
  • how to make more money while being in service to people?
  • and how to move past the fears of what other people think?

And yet, on the inside, you know that you really want to be an unapologetic woman with a 6-figure business (or more) AND impact people’s lives.

Can you relate to this? If you can, I feel for you. I’ve been there.

I know what it’s like to have a deep desire to create a thriving business that I love while struggling with all the fears and finances.

And I know from personal and client experiences, that there are AMAZING transformations that take place in your life & business when you learn how to put living by faith over fear into practice.

Because here is the powerful truth: you have everything it takes to create your God-given vision.

That’s why I am excited to invite you to my free Masterclass, where I’ll personally guide you on a transformational journey that will help you:

  • create more confidence and faith in your vision…and yourself
  • understand what it really looks like to be humble and to serve others
  • uncover your path to greater revenue & results

You were beautifully and wonderfully made by God to be here on this planet at this time to make an impact. He’s given you the desires that are in your heart.

You are being called to move through your fear and to put your faith in the driver’s seat as you step into creating your desires.

Are you ready to take the next step?

If so, I can’t wait to guide you in this experience that will prepare you for the next level in your business while deepening your faith.


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Pace Success Coach Alex Pursglove

Meet Your Guide

Alex Pursglove guides business owners in becoming unapologetic in who they are and what they do in order to create more success, revenue, impact, and fulfillment.

As a loving wife, new mom, and multi-six figure business owner, Alex is deeply committed to her faith and to her own personal growth work. She’s invested over 6-figures in herself in order to up-level every area of her life, marriage, and business.

Her clients range from solopreneurs who are just getting started to leaders of multi-7 figure businesses. She guides all of her clients in moving through fear to pursue their big dreams.

* Class launches October 18

What women are sharing about their experiences with Alex

I TRIPLED my monthly revenue and DOUBLED the number of clients in my business! Alex is an amazing coach who cares about you and your success. She's guided me to become more confident and happy with who I am.
Testimony headshot of Emma
Emma F.
For a long time, I didn't have the confidence to take the next steps in starting a business, held back by fear. Thanks to Alex, I finally LAUNCHED MY BUSINESS and am on my way to becoming the BEST VERSION of myself!
Testimony headshot of Jackie
Jackie R.
From working with Alex, I came to see how fear of what others think and people-pleasing behavior was showing up in almost everything I did. I shifted my mindset and became so much more EMPOWERED and CONFIDENT in my business and relationships.
Testimony headshot of Marlena
Marlena F.

What women are sharing about their experiences with Alex

This is by far the best course I've ever taken! I now have a new approach to money and how I price my packages. This has stirred a new hope in me!
- Ally
This Masterclass is exactly what I needed! It reminded me that I am a co-creator with God and I need to stop playing small.
- Velvet
I finally feel seen. It's like Alex was able to say and speak to all the things I couldn't figure out how to put into words.
- Mandy
This Masterclass helped me finally recognize the unique value I can offer through my business and by the end, I was taking steps to live out a dream I've had for years!
- Sarah

Be Unapologetic

Move through your fear and embrace your faith as you step into creating your desires. Join the FREE Unapologetic Entrepreneurs: Living by Faith Over Fear masterclass today and take that next step to:

  • Create more confidence & faith in your vision and yourself.
  • Shift your perspective to understand how to really be in greatest service in your business.
  • Discover your path to more revenue and results.

You have everything it takes, and we’re thrilled to guide you on this journey! The class launches on October 18, so be sure to save your seat before then.

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