Alex Pursglove performing culture training with The Oliver Group in Kentucky

High-Performing Culture Programs

As a leader, you create your culture by design or by default.  Your culture is either your biggest asset or your biggest liability.

Alex Pursglove walks alongside leaders to provide comprehensive tools and programs that co-create sustainable, values-driven cultures designed to:

  • increase engagement
  • elevate performance
  • and thus, enhance the bottom line

The programs are tailored for each organization and may include culture assessments, unpacking sessions, workshops and executive coaching sessions.

Available Assessments

The values-based culture assessments are available for both targeted teams and organizations. 

The assessments provide a diagnostic to inform meaningful conversations about the current and desired culture within a simple-to-understand framework.  Through the dialogue, leaders will determine what values and behaviors are supporting and undermining performance, followed by creating detailed action plans for desired improvement areas. 

The assessments are completed through online-surveys and only take 10-15 minutes to complete!  They are customizable, cost-effective, quickly turned around, and responses can be anonymous to ensure open feedback. 

Assessments are broken down into:

  • Small Group Assessment (SGA) for teams/organizations of 20 or less.  If desired, the SGA can add-on individual assessment results (IVAs) for each participant.
  • Cultural Values Assessments (CVA) for teams/organizations of 21 – 30,000.  If desired, the CVA can be customized to break down results by department/position.  

This assessment is used for measuring an individual’s highest priority values and how he/she is experiencing the current culture at his/her organization. This tool guides an individual to understand what is important to him/her in his/her life and what changes are necessary to find personal fulfillment at work.

This assessment is completed through an online-survey and only takes 10-15 minutes to complete! 

IVA results can also be included within Team Culture Assessments.  

This Leadership Development Assessment (LDR) is used for measuring an individual leader’s style.  The 360-degree feedback is designed to uncover a leader’s blind-spots and provide insights into their strengths as well as areas for growth and development.

The LDR is an online survey that takes only 10-15 minutes for assessors to complete.  It is recommended that a leader receive survey responses from 12 – 25 assessors.  

The LDR will be analyzed with your coach to highlight key strengths and development areas and is debriefed in a three-hour feedback session. Together, the leader and coach develop a detailed action plan to improve the performance of the leader.

See What Others Like You Have to Say About Working With Pace

"Our organization had a great experience with Alex Pursglove. In addition to being tremendously knowledgeable with the cultural assessment tools, she was able to coax out insights and drive a team conversation that helped us identify and explore areas in which we can positively strengthen our culture and—more broadly—our relationships with one another. Given the role culture plays, this is an incredibly impactful and meaningful investment of time and attention for any organization to pursue.”
Steve H.
Director of Client Development, Oliver Group, Kentucky
"Alex is amazing at encouraging me and patiently challenging me to be more fully myself both in business and my personal life. She helped me to see that I was the one limiting my company’s potential through the fear and excuses I was hiding behind. Through her coaching, I have been able to step into big dreams for my company, take action to make those dreams a reality, and face uncomfortable situations head on."
Testimonial headshot for Andrea
Andrea H.
CreditVest, Inc. President, PA
“Alex is a phenomenal coach and leadership advisor. I have had the privilege of observing her coach professionals in a number of pressing leadership challenges and she shows remarkable listening, empathy, passion for her work, and commitment to her clients, as well as the ability to help leaders find solutions and know exactly how to move forward. She excels in helping leadership teams in practical and measurable ways to develop a culture that improves employee engagement.”
Andrew N.
Director, Center for Executive Coaching
“Alex is a courageous leader who dares to take risks, challenge the status quo and leverages her very genuine curiosity and intellect in every aspect of her work and life. If you are looking for a thoughtful and impactful approach to creating change, then follow her lead and engage her as a coach. You will find her integrity is steadfast and her willingness to help you equally compelling.”
Tom C.
President, The Oliver Group and EVP, Leadership Pipeline Institute