As a Business & Success Coach, I am dedicated to helping professionals and business owners achieve their audacious goals while creating more impact, success and fulfillment. 

I work with developing executives, solopreneurs, owners of small-medium sized businesses, and nonprofit leaders.  In my coaching, I utilize cutting-edge assessments and techniques to support you in removing fear from your decisions and stepping into your full potential by: 

  • Tapping into what drives you at your core and what’s most important to you
  •  Getting clarity on your vision and strategy while increasing your revenue
  • Creating a success-oriented mindset and developing high-performance habits to overcome challenges that you hold you back
  • Enhancing your leadership abilities and building a strong team underneath you
  • Creating deeper impact on those you influence and more personal fulfillment
If you are ready to accelerate your results with less stress, I invite you to schedule a complimentary 90-minute strategy session to gain deeper clarity on your big vision, what it will take to make that vision a reality, and without pressure or expectation, we can determine if we are a right fit to work together at this time. 

See what others like you have to say about coaching with me:

“Through coaching, I was able to change my mindset that was holding me back, and I started embracing and pursuing my passions. Over the last two years of working with Alex, I've received multiple promotions to positions that I am incredibly excited about. As I continue with coaching, I am confident that I can keep surpassing my own limitations to grow into professional roles beyond what I'd ever imagined!”
Kelly H.
Project Manager, Pittsburgh
“Alex is a phenomenal coach and leadership advisor. I have had the privilege of observing her coach professionals in a number of pressing leadership challenges and she shows remarkable listening, empathy, passion for her work, and commitment to her clients, as well as the ability to help leaders find solutions and know exactly how to move forward. She excels in helping leadership teams in practical and measurable ways to develop a culture that improves employee engagement.”
Andrew N.
Director, Center for Executive Coaching, Sarasota
“Working with my coach, I felt like I was not alone in this journey. She was the voice constantly in my head, saying “you can” and “you are limitless”. I achieved so many goals – I look back and can’t believe the big steps I took: traveling to New York City, getting my visa, filming a movie, signing with different agencies, coming back to Argentina and getting my personal fitness certification and now going back to University. I grew so much, I was constantly stepping out of my comfort zone, and it was all so much easier with my coach by my side."
Jimena Q.
Professional Model & Actress, Argentina

Individual 360-Assessment:

I partner with the Barrett Values Center to offer 360-feedback assessments for individuals and leaders.

This Leadership Development Assessment (LDR) is used for measuring an individual leader’s style.  The 360-degree feedback is designed to uncover a leader’s blind-spots and provide insights into his or her strengths as well as areas for growth and development. The LDR is an online survey that takes only 10-15 minutes for assessors to complete.  It is recommended that a leader receive survey responses from 12 – 25 assessors.

We analyze the LDR results together in a three-hour unpacking session to define key strengths and development areas. Together, we develop a detailed action plan to improve performance and alignment.

Ready to dive in and get started?

I am already excited that you’re ready to explore investing in yourself to move to the next level.  Investing in yourself is the best investment you can ever make!

The next step is to schedule a 90-minute complimentary strategy session so that we can determine if we are a right fit to work together.