Unapologetically YOU:
Become a Fearless Entrepreneur

Group Coaching Program

The world needs leaders now more than ever who have shifted out of fear and are leading with hope, faith, love and empowerment.  Leaders who know how to guide others out of fear and create results that serve everyone.

Unapologetically YOU is about creating a quantum leap in your business by becoming fully authentic, confident, convicted, and FEARLESS.

If you are a woman who deeply desires to sustain and grow your business during these times, in a way that fulfills you and that makes a real impact on the people you serve, we are excited to explore working with you!

This program is limited to 12-women to ensure you get the time and attention to address your specific needs.


Get on Alex’s schedule and you’ll determine together if this is the right next step for you.

The program will be closed to new applicants before the end of May.

You will LOVE this program if:

  • You are a female entrepreneur in the growth & development space – i.e. your business exists to help transform the lives of others.
  • You desire to build a 6+ figure business, but you lack clarity on how to actually make this quantum leap happen.  And now it feels like there’s even more confusion and doubt on how to grow during these challenging times.
  • You want to continue pursuing your big dreams for your business now, yet you also find yourself asking, “What will other people think of me for going after this? Can I really do this?”
  • You want to love your business and consistently feel good when you work on it.
  • You desire that self-confidence that you are on the right track and that you CAN produce the results you want.
  • You want to improve in sales conversations and getting more clients.
  • You prioritize your business, and you also care deeply about connecting with your loved ones.
  • You feel yourself often prioritizing everyone else’s needs above your own.  You are in the grind and are not sure how to change it.
  • You embrace personal growth and developing more self-awareness. You are open to exploring the truth about yourself.  (This is very important, this program is not for you if you are not ready to take 100% responsibility for your results). 
  • You want more support, encouragement, and an empowering community around you.


Get on Alex’s schedule and you’ll determine together if this is the right next step for you.  The program will be closed to new applicants before the end of May.

The Outcomes:

  • The power, freedom, and fulfillment that comes with stepping into a new way of being as an UNAPOLOGETIC and FEARLESS entrepreneur.
  • Clarity on how to build and grow your business in a way that serves people’s needs now.  (We’ll be guiding you in the step-by-step process that Alex used to build her successful coaching practice that is NOT reliant on huge funnel systems and paid advertising)
  • Greater confidence in your value and in how you approach and execute SALES.
  • Stop fear from blocking your desired results and build your business with inspiration, faith and joy. 
  • Shift your business into one that you love working on and that is in alignment with who you really are. 
  • Delivering what you do with greater power to create greater results for your clients (and more referrals).
  • Learning from a community of other like-minded, empowering women entrepreneurs.
  • Become a $10K+ per month business owner.

This program is only for you if you are ready to GIVE IT YOUR ALL… if you are committed to raising self-awareness, embracing new ideas and if you value making a difference in the lives of others with your business.

This program is not for you if you are not ready to take 100% responsibility for your results.

Your results are a direct result of the focus, attention and passion you put into the process.  If you are going for it, we are fully committed to your success!

I’M READY FOR THIS (link to discovery call)

About Us:

Meet CEO and Business & Success Coach, Alex Pursglove. 

Alex guides entrepreneurs & business owners in achieving their exciting, audacious goals while creating more success, impact and fulfillment in their lives.

In her first year as a full-time entrepreneur, she built a 6-figure business while deepening her relationship with her beloved husband, Adam.

Alex is deeply committed to her own personal growth work.  To date, she’s invested over $60K in herself in order to up-level every area of her life and to be able to guide clients in overcoming the challenges that block them from achieving the results they deeply desire.

Her clients range from leaders of companies with multi-millions in revenue and thousands of employees to solopreneurs that are just getting started.

What do they all have in common? They are business owners who desire to remove fear from their lives in order to be in greater service to others, to create greater results, and to live with more confidence and fulfillment.

Alex is a certified Executive Coach, Cultural Transformation Consultant, and Success Principles trainer with Jack Canfield, the critically acclaimed co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

Passionate about empowering and connecting veterans, Alex and Adam co-founded a non-profit, ReEngage, which launched its’ premier conference in March of 2020.  Alex is also a woman of faith and supports her local Christian church.

What the Program Looks Like:

6-Month Group Program (May – October 2020)

Monthly Trainings Audio recordings, handouts, and resources designed to walk you through the specifics steps and strategies to grow your business while meeting people’s needs now

Two (2) Monthly Live Small-Group Coaching Calls with Alex and other like-minded female entrepreneurs

Access to Private Facebook Group to interact with Alex directly and connect with the women in the program for ongoing support, input and accountability

Two (2) 90-minute Individual Coaching Calls with Alex at the beginning and end of the program

One (1) Audit of a Sales Call recording by Alex


Get on Alex’s schedule and you’ll determine together if this is the right next step for you.  The program will be closed to new applicants before the end of May.

Program Options Section (with links to payment pages): 

Get Started On Your Journey 

Choose the Unapologetically You plan that’s right for you:

  • 6 Monthly Payments of $750
  • 1 Payment in Full of $4000 (a $500 savings)