We offer event planning and execution services for transformational conferences and events.
We tailor our services to meet each individual client’s needs. Services may include:
  • Assistance with program planning, scheduling, timeline creation
  • Budget management
  • Working with third-party vendors on website and registration development
  • Venue coordination – including food & beverage and on-site signage
  • Coordination of sponsor incentives
  • Working with third-party vendors on development of promotional materials and execution of public promotion plan
  • Speaker coordination
  • Overseeing all public FAQs
  • Day-of event management – creating schedules, program orders, contact sheets, and producing the show
  • Volunteer/on-site staff management
To learn more about services and pricing, please contact info@pacesuccesscoaching.com
"I’ve worked with Pace’s co-founder, Alex Pursglove, as the Music Director for the ManUp Pittsburgh conferences. From my experience with her as the Event Producer, I heartily endorse her skills in event planning & execution. She takes charge of a program from day one and leads her team flawlessly from concept to completion. I continue to be impressed with her poise, oversight and control of diverse elements. My experience spans forty years in the music and entertainment business. I have conducted at two Presidential inaugurations, directed six USO tours in the Middle East and Asia, and have appeared numerous times on national television.  Alex Pursglove best exemplifies the qualities needed to coordinate events of that scale and she does it better than anyone, with exceptional skill and graciousness."
Greg M.
Music Director, Pittsburgh