Dealing with the Dreaded “Mind Blocks”!

Kat Lim-Dermott is a good friend of the ladies of Pace Success Coaching and works as a Senior Email Marketer.  She is excited to be a guest blogger for this community!

Sitting down to write this month’s blog post was tough. I hit a combination of writer’s block and an overwhelming surge of multiple, but incomplete ideas. My days have been busy with balancing work projects which were piling up and worrying about having enough time to train for my half marathon. I have to admit that I let those worries get to me which put a peg in my creative wheels. Then it hit me; I am sure I am not the only one who struggles with these “mind blocks”, or in other words, “brain farts” from time to time, why not share a few activities that have helped me restart my mind?

1) Write down your thoughts.

I don’t mean just thoughts on whatever you are trying to accomplish. I mean EVERY thought. Here is a snippet of the random thoughts I wrote down the other day.

Yoga kicked my ass today.  I wish there were mirrors so i could see if my butt was actually low during plank. Maybe I should go through yoga training? I do really love this, but damn, these teachers are amazing. Can I do that? Is my amazon package coming tomorrow? Remind John to give the cat treats. We really should cut down his food intake. He is so chubs. So cute. Make a note to only go to Trader Joe’s on a weekday evening and buy five bags of those potato sticks.

I know how random and odd this sounds, but I promise it has helped me in the past. Sometimes I do it with work. It is a way for me to get all the random junk out of my head to clear the way for some productive thoughts to push to the front.

2) Stare at a blank wall.

If you thought my first suggestion was odd, you are probably ready to close the web page – but hear me out! We overstimulate ourselves all day, every day.  Phones, Apple watches, iPads, social media, computers, and unlimited streaming of everything at any time – we can distract ourselves constantly. Whether you realize it or not, it’s a drain on your mind, and we are addicted (I stopped typing after the last sentence to check my phone for Instagram likes). Getting over a brain fart may be simply removing the stimulus.  So it doesn’t have to be staring at a blank wall.  It could be sitting in a quiet room or closing your eyes in quiet for a few minutes.

3) Exercise.

We all know that exercise is good for our body. According to the CDC, adults need at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week for health benefits. And we’ve heard that a healthy body equals a healthy mind. I personally find the best way to clear my mind is to run outside while listening to my favorite playlist. For me, exercising my body allows me to later exercise my mind.

4) Bounce ideas off a trusted person.

My person is my husband. He took a vow to love me through thick and thin, so I apply that notion to making him listen to me drone on about my random thoughts. He knows how my mind works and will help finish my thoughts.  Remember earlier how I mentioned some incomplete ideas I had for blog posts? Well, I bounced them off of him, and he was able to help finish those ideas – you may see some of them later!

5) Drink a glass of wine.

I am not encouraging alcohol as a solution. It is no surprise that alcohol lowers our inhibitions, so having a glass of wine in the comfort of your own home can help open up your thought process. I suggest pouring a glass with a laptop or notepad next to you and let the creative juices flow.

As I said in the beginning, these activities have helped me and may not work for everyone. Do you have a go-to activity for when you have trouble unblocking your thoughts? If so, comment below and share!

Cheers to ending these mind blocks! 

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