• Working with Alex has changed my business and my family life. I reached my next level revenue goal of $10K months in less than 3 months! And I'm letting go of worry, anxiety, and people-pleasing. There are no words to describe how thankful I am!

    Rachel Nutrition Coach, Alabama
  • From Alex’s stellar guidance, I 6X’d my revenue in a year and started working with more ideal clients I love. I became so much more confident and productive in growing my business while raising my three kids and deepening my relationship with my husband.

    Amanda Health & Weight Loss Coach, Minnesota
  • Alex is amazing at challenging me to be more fully myself both in business and my personal life. She helped me see that my own fear was limiting my company’s potential. Now I'm stepping into big dreams for my company, taking action to make those dreams a reality, and facing uncomfortable situations head on!

    Andrea CreditVest, Inc. President, Pennsylvania
  • Alex's group program was life-changing for me. She helped me get clarity and own what I really desire for my life and business. She's shown me how to overcome my fears of what other people think of me go so that I can follow my heart.

    Camille Graphic Designer, Florida
  • Alex's teaching gave me the direction I so desperately needed for growing my business. I more than quadrupled my monthly revenue and now I'm selling the services I'm most passionate about. My experience with Alex has been everything promised and more. I cannot wait to see the impact still to come!

    Taylor Virtual Assistant & Social Media Manager, California
  • On top of replacing my monthly 6-figure corporate salary in my business, Alex's guidance has helped me find my true voice. I'm continuously stepping into more authenticity and empowerment. Working with Alex is life-changing.

    Mollie Career Coach, Wisconsin
  • With Alex, I created results that I never thought were possible! In under 6 months, I left my corporate job, more than tripled my revenue in my business, brought on my own VA to support me, and I'm continuing to grow from here!

    Mandy Online Business Manager, Kansas
  • To say working with Alex is life-changing is an understatement! Now, I know the unique value that I bring to the table, and I'm approaching new decisions with bold confidence.

    Sarah Adventures & Training Company Owner, Pennsylvania
  • Alex's group coaching program was life-changing. The floodgates of God's abundance have truly been opened for me. I would have paid double for this program if I had known the results I would get!

    Aimee Beauty & Personal Care Consultant, Nebraska
  • In the first 3 months of working with Alex, I grew from making $400 per month with 1 client to my first $5,000 month with 3 clients. I addressed the subconscious fears that were holding me back and learned AMAZING SALES techniques to help me connect with ideal clients. Alex is an amazing coach who cares about you and your success. She's guided me to becoming more CONFIDENT and HAPPY with who I am.

    Emma Systems & Operations Specialist Business, Pennsylvania
  • From Alex's group program, I've changed as a whole person. I'm now accepting myself and God's love for me. I had minimal sales before, and now I'm working with clients that I'm incredibly excited about. Working with Alex is truly transforming!

    Denise Herbal Educator & Fertility Specialist
  • In just 2 months with Alex, I shifted my mindset so that I'm now ALIGNED and CONFIDENT in what I charge, the value I offer and how I help people. This has been a game-changer! Alex is a genuine and exceptional coach.

    Casey Sensuality Coach, Pennsylvania
  • For years, I didn't have the confidence to take the next steps in starting a business, held back by fear. Thanks to Alex, I finally launched my business and am on my way to becoming the BEST VERSION of myself. I’m more confident, I’m enjoying my life more, and I’m now out there making sales calls, leading online challenges and dreaming big.

    Jackie Young Professionals Coach, Pennsylvania
  • Working with Alex as my coach, I ACHIEVED SO MANY GOALS – I look back and can’t believe the big steps I took: traveling to New York City, getting my visa, filming a movie, signing with different agencies, coming back to Argentina to get my personal fitness certification and now going back to University. I was constantly stepping out of my comfort zone, and it was all so much easier with my coach by my side!

    Jimena Professional Model & Actress, Argentina
  • Through coaching with Alex, I changed my mindset that was holding me back and started embracing and pursuing MY PASSIONS. I received several promotions and landed my IDEAL POSITION at my company. Now I am confident that I can keep surpassing my own limitations to grow into professional roles beyond what I'd ever imagined!

    Kelly Project Manager, Pennsylvania
  • Alex helped me see how fear of judgment and people-pleasing behavior showed up in everything I did. I was able to become much more EMPOWERED and CONFIDENT in my business and personal relationships.

    Marlena Arbonne Independent Consultant, Pennsylvania
  • Our organization had a great experience with Alex. In addition to being tremendously knowledgeable with the cultural assessment tools she offers, she was able to coax out insights and drive a team conversation that helped us identify and explore areas in which we can positively strengthen our culture and—more broadly—our relationships with one another. Given the role culture plays, this is an incredibly IMPACTFUL and MEANINGFUL investment of time and attention for any organization to pursue.

    Steve Director of Client Development, Oliver Group, Kentucky
  • Alex Pursglove is a dynamic leader who adds impact and value in every one of her engagements. She has an incredibly high emotional intelligence quotient which allows her to better relate with people. Seeing her engage, motivate, inspire and lead sessions was nothing short of incredible. She is a BEST IN CLASS coach and mentor.

    Greg President of SS3 Business, Illinois

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