Pace CEO Alex Pursglove dressed in jeans, heals, and a sweater

Alex Pursglove Coaching is dedicated to helping business owners step out of fear and lead unapologetically in order to accelerate confidence, results, revenue, and impact.

We offer Private Coaching, Group Coaching Programs, Culture Development Programs, Masterclasses and Events. All of our programs are designed to help you step into fearless leadership, elevate your performance and results, and develop a high-performing culture that supports your freedom and fulfillment.

We work with leaders of multi-million dollar companies with thousands of employees to solopreneurs that are still building towards sustainability.

Alex Pursglove is the founder and CEO of Alex Pursglove Coaching. She is deeply committed to her own personal growth work and has invested over six-figures in herself to up-level every area of her life, marriage and business.

She is certified as an Executive Coach from the Center for Executive Coaching, as a Cultural Transformation Consultant from the Barrett Values Centre and Massively Human Leadership, and as a trainer in The Success Principles methodology by Jack Canfield, critically acclaimed co-author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series.  She has also been personally mentored by Sloane from The Daring Life Society and success coach expert, David Neagle.