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By Alex Pursglove

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“From Alex’s stellar guidance, I 6X’d my revenue in a year and started working with more ideal clients I love. I became so much more confident and productive in growing my business while raising my 3 kids and deepening my relationship with my husband.”

– Amanda, Health Coach, Minnesota

Do you often feel overwhelmed or stressed out by trying to balance it all – your business, clients, family, friendships, hobbies and your self-care?

Maybe you find yourself experiencing stress more often than you’re experiencing ENJOYMENT and FULFILLMENT as you grow your business?

I can relate to this from my personal experience…

I’m Alex Pursglove – I am a woman of faith, wife, new mom, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and Jiujitero (feel free to look this up if you don’t know what it means, I didn’t until 3 years ago!) I also run a multi-six figure business.

If you know what it’s like to live in consistent overwhelm, I have good news for you…

I also know from my personal experience and my clients’ experiences that it IS absolutely possible to take complete control of your schedule and to feel empowered in ALL of your roles.

That’s why I’m excited to share this guidebook with you – I know the power of these 3 secrets!

To gain incredible value from this guidebook, all you need to do is set aside 20 minutes to read, reflect on the implementation questions, and set your action steps.

“I created results that I never thought were possible! In less than 6 months with Alex, I left my corporate job, TRIPLED MY INCOME in my business, hired a virtual assistant to support me, and am continuing to grow!”

-Mandy, Online Business Manager, Kansas

“On top of replacing my monthly six-figure corporate salary in my business, Alex’s guidance helps me find my voice as I step into my authenticity and empowerment. Working with Alex is life-changing!”

-Mollie, Career Coach, Wisconsin

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3 Secrets to an Empowered CEO Schedule

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