3 Questions to Find More Clarity

Confused about what career you really want?

Years ago, I remember I had many ideas of careers that I thought “might make happy” – and they were all different:

  • Working for an orphanage in South Africa
  • Moving back to Los Angeles to continue pursuing a career as a producer
  • Working for a non-profit in Pittsburgh – either on the business side, or perhaps working directly as a mentor for others
  • Starting a non-profit in Pittsburgh

The list went on. And I struggled for years on what I should do – what would make me the happiest? What would I be good at? What would create the most significance?

If you struggle with these questions too, I can empathize. For sure. When I began my personal development journey, I DEEPLY explored my passions and what I really wanted from my professional life. And today, I’ve found that exploring these three questions will help bring new perspective and clarity.

1) When you think about your past (both personal and professional) – what experiences did you have that made you feel ALIVE?

I.e. You were living in the moment, loving what you were doing and feeling GREAT

2) When you were a kid, what did you dream of doing/being when you grew up? What was it about the dream that made you light up inside?

For example, as a kid, I dreamed of being an actress, but the main reason was because I was experience bullying and I wanted to inspire and encourage other young people through telling redemptive stories on film – this is what lit me up about a career as a movie actress.

3) If you knew that you would absolutely succeed if you tried whatever you wanted professionally – what would you be doing?

Failure is not an option. Don’t worry about “how” you would get there, just focus on “what” you want.

Review your answers and evaluate the themes between the three. What comes up for you? How could you dig deeper to figure out what careers would indulge your passions?

I’d love to hear if anyone found more clarity on what they want in the comments section!

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